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Business Card Services

Looking for an easier way to make purchases for your business? At Union State Bank we offer both business debit cards and credit cards to make purchases quick and convenient for your business needs.

Business Credit Cards

Union State Bank is partnering with TCM Bank, N.A. to offer our business customers credit card options.

Business Card Options

Take the short questionnaire to find out which of these credit cards best suites your business needs.

Apply for a New Card

Platinum Edition or Rewards Card

  • Intended for sole proprietors and small businesses.
  • Revolving account.
  • Option of reward points
  • No Annual Fee.

This card is not intended for large corporations or municipalities

Company Rewards Charge Card

Intended for large corporations, non-profit organizations, municipalities, and small businesses.

  • Pay-in-full account.
  • No Annual Fee.
  • Reward Points.

Employee credit cards are available for all business credit card options at no added cost.

*Subject to credit review and approval. Cards issued by TCM Bank, N.A.

Account Access

Cardholders can access their credit card account online through

The site provides the ability to:

  • make payments
  • set up account alerts
  • view transactions statement history
  • file a fraudulent transaction claim
  • download the data to QuickBooks or other applications


To contact Customer Service with questions or problems call 1-800-883-0131.

If you have a Business Credit Card from Union State Bank that was issued by Fifth Third Bank prior to April 7, 2017, please contact Customer Service at 877-881-6018 with any questions or problems.

Business Debit Card

A Business Debit Card is better than checks or high-interest credit cards.


  • No writing out checks or waiting for credit approvals
  • Purchase amount is directly deducted from your checking account
  • No interest on purchases


  • You can use your Business Debit Card wherever MasterCard® is accepted at over 28.5 million locations. Many places do not accept out-of-state checks but they will accept your Business Debit Card.
  • Additional cards are available for employees if they are signers on the business checking account and if the authorized business owner/principal approves them.


Get in Touch

If your Business Debit Card is lost or stolen, immediately contact us at 608-786-0600 or after hours at 800-472-3272.

To apply, stop in to one of our West Salem locations and talk with a personal banker.

Have Questions?

Call us today at 608-786-0600 to learn more or visit one of our West Salem Locations to apply now.

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