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External Transfers

It's your money - move it when you need it

TransferNow offers secure inter-institution funds transfer services. With TransferNow, you can transfer money to or from another financial institution. You must be an owner on both accounts.


Getting started:

Log into Online or Mobile Banking, Click on External Transfer, which is under Transfers. You will follow the prompts when setting up your external accounts; you will need to know the routing number along with the account number for your external account. All new external accounts added need to be verified which may be Real Time Verification (instant) or Trial Deposit Verification (1-2 business days). Most of the local banks will be trial deposit verification.

You can only have a maximum of 5 external active accounts at a time. They can be removed and replaced at any time. External accounts must allow debits & credits.

You can setup one-time transfers and recurring transfers. Transfers cannot be made to unverified, suspended or deleted accounts.


This service is Free. 


Daily - $5000 Standard

Daily Next Day $2000 Standard

$10 minimum transfer

Please see our online banking agreement for more regarding daily limits.  Must be an active user for 90 days prior to approval of next-day transfers.

Transaction Cycles:

Standard transfers will typically take 3 business days to post to your account. 






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